Effective Outdoor Signs

There are many different signs all over the country, we see them every day. Some tell us to mind the potholes, or warn us that the steps are slippery. Some tell us to stop smoking or where to hand in our overdue DVDís. Other signs, or billboards, are mainly to advertise or promote something, whether itís a brand, or a product, or an event. Regardless of the goal, advertisers and business owners across the country are reaping the rewards when it comes to billboard outdoor advertising and receiving recognition for their well designed, eye catching signs.

APS Signs is one of the most successful sign manufacturers in South Africa.† We have a wide range of different signs to help companies brand recognition and spread their brand awareness. Statistics clearly show an enormous increase in outdoor activities, thus outdoor advertising has become an effective, affordable advertising tool. Just look for yourself when you are driving on the highway or walking through town and youíll see what we are talking about; the impact that signs have, not only in individual people, but in the growth of most businesses.

APS Signs manufacturers a wide range of signs, from small to big, from window graphics to Graphical layouts, we specialise in taking whatever message you need put across to the public and displaying it boldly outdoors.

So when you really want everyone to come to your hot and happening party that you have been planning for ages, think about advertising it on big banners to really pull the crowd that you had in mind. APS Signs offers services to both individuals and companies. Trust us to put your message across to the public in the best way possible. Give it a try and prepare to reap the endless benefits of outdoor advertising.

Out of Home Media Will Blow You Away

Outdoor media is one of the longest lasting advertising mediums available to mankind. From advertising outside a shop window to recently having big billboard signs on popular highways, you come into contact with outdoor media on a daily basis. The medium might have changed, or rather improved, over the years, but one fact remains; it outshines the rest of the mediums especially when it comes to mass reach.

But seriously, how can you target such a wide variety of people and expect to see a return on your advertisement? It’s all about the location! For example, if your company is targeting their product or service to the higher LSM niche market, ensure you have high quality resolution signs outside all urban areas, shopping malls big billboards on highways.

APS offers all the services that are connected to outdoor media. The company specialises in designing billboard signs that would make a really big impact on your target audience. The company is moving well with the times because we even create illuminated outdoor signs to grab extra attention.  Nandos restaurant have benefited largely by 3D signs outside their buildings, surveys show they have improved sales, increased profitability and drawn new customers just because people loved the new signage. Take a look through our website to see other cool examples of these.
 APS signs are well known for manufacturing outdoor signs according to your specifications.  If you need your business marketed, APS Signs are the perfect people to make that happen.

Measure your campaign’s success with fast turnaround feedback from customers; engage with current and potential customers the smart, fun way. Don’t hesitate to tell us what is on your mind and we will be honoured to make it happen. Show the world exactly why should use your products or services; use cool outdoor advertising exclusively with APS Signs